Who is Jesus?

Way. Truth. life.

  • Jesus is the Creator, the Author and the Originator of all things.
    He is the Great and Mighty God and throughout the bible we see Him making a way for human beings to have a relationship with Him.
  • In Him all things hold together.
  • He came to make peace with mankind so that mankind would trust Him. In fact He came to earth as God in the flesh and He was crucified to atone for our human rebellions and to give us ever-lasting life with Him.
  • He came as the bringer of a new way of seeking God, a newly-laid pathway to God the Father and a door to eternity.
  • He came as The Way because outside of Jesus there is no access to God.
  • He came as The Truth because He is the Author of all that is true.
  • He came as The Light because without Him we are lost in the darkness of our human weakness.
  • He came to capture our hearts and to love us, not to condemn us.
  • When He was crucified He took all the consequences that out human actions deserve and rose from the dead to prove His supremacy.
  • He asks that we believe in Him, acknowledge our personal failings and invite Him into our life.
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